No Fees is the only online talent platform that is completely free to use. There are no fees, no commission charges and no hidden costs—creating a more transparent payment system and countless benefits for our members.

Why No Fees?

We’re dedicated to helping our members reach their full potential through our one-of-a-kind no-fee model. No fees and no commission charges mean more affordable services, more earning potential and more humans helping humans—a win-win for everyone.

We’re committed to creating an open community that welcomes everyone, no matter their skill set, background or experience level. Eliminating fees is just one way we help our members earn more and save more using our service.


All users are responsible for their own tax reporting, collection and payment requirements. Further, does not offer tax advice to members on our site. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

Do you report our earning to the IRS?

We do not report members’ earnings to the IRS. All users are responsible for reporting this information and paying all necessary taxes.