Core Idea is a global network that connects people with skills, knowledge and time to the people who need their help. Our open platform is a one-stop shop for those looking to turn their talents into cash and those looking for help with every task imaginable. We help you connect with the people you want to work with.

Our Philosophy

When we began our journey to build, our goal was to create a platform that allows people to help others—an open community where people from all cultures, religions and walks of life can come together, communicate with one another and help each other reach their full potential. With this in mind, we created—a platform designed to make it easy for people to connect with others, share their talents with the world and find help with every task imaginable.

At, our members are not just “users”—we are all humans. We built our platform around the specific needs, skills and humanity of our members. First and foremost, we are an open community—a place where everyone is free to lead the lives they want and focus on the things that matter most to them. As a diverse network of individuals who respect, value and celebrate one another, we encourage all our members to showcase who they really are. At the end of the day, our process is simple but our impact is great: we feature the tools that allow people to interact with one another. In doing so, all our members have the potential to create lasting relationships and find true success.

No Fees, No Middleman makes it easy to connect with the people you want to work with. We’re the only online platform with no fees—allowing you to earn more and save more—and our open platform has no middleman—allowing you to control who you work with, when and the price.

Code of Conduct

At, we welcome people from all cultures, religions and backgrounds. We are committed to creating an open community that celebrates our differences and works together to achieve success. We encourage all community members to be respectful, polite and patient when dealing with one another. With open and direct communication, anything is possible. And with mutual respect and a positive attitude, we can all reach our full potential.

What We Do is the ideal place where everyone can find help and everyone can earn. On, our process is simple and our community is open to everyone.


Use our powerful search engine to find the people you want to work with. Our filters make it easy to narrow your search and our interactive map allows you to find members in your area.


Use our transparent instant messenger to discuss details and agree on terms. Once both parties agree, work can begin.


Use our instant payment system to transfer and receive funds at any moment. Our system is quick, easy and secure.


Share your feedback by rating your experience and writing a review. Everyone will benefit from your evaluation of a past work experience.

Is really a global network?

At we very much consider ourselves a global network. Founded in the melting pot of New York City, we intended to build an international site from the get-go, allowing people from across the globe to join our community. Anyone who visits our website or downloads our mobile application can use our service, as we only require a Facebook account in order to register.

What sets apart from other online platforms? was created with you in mind. We designed our unique features to help create the best and most positive experience for all members. Our smart, simple and safe platform is open to everyone—people with small tasks and large projects alike, and people with every type of skill set and experience level.

We’re also the only online platform with no fees, no middleman and no uncertainties.

Humans for Everything

Whatever your talent, someone, somewhere needs your help. Our growing Humans Network features skilled professionals for everything from photography, to construction, to home cleaning. Find everything in one place.

Unique Humans ID

To help our members easily find the people they want to work with, we developed the Humans ID; a unique identification number assigned to each of our members that makes it easy to find and connect with other members. Simply type the Humans ID into the search bar on our homepage to find the member you’re looking for.

You can also use your unique Humans ID to attract more clients. Include it on your social media profiles and feature it on your business card to make it simple for people to get in touch about current and future projects.