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Core Idea

A radical shift in society has taken place – today just about every service is based online. But at what cost? Without a doubt, we have lost the human touch!

Google and Uber are websites and mobile applications. There certainly isn’t a human element at Facebook; it only creates a facade and often superficial social connections.

We’ll go as far as saying that, in the entire world, there isn’t a single online service that really helps meet all basic social needs. That meaning is one that supports people, in both, engaging and interacting with each other for work and business and across every area of human endeavor.

Next-generation social media platform, HUMANS is going to radically change the face of communication and business as we know it today, making today's platforms look so out of date, that they will be considered Jurassic.

Entrepreneur, 2018

At HUMANS we have turned this online isolation and human exclusion on its head. We have developed a platform and marketplace that places humans, not data, at the heart of everything.

On HUMANS, people can find others and interact effortlessly, without any barriers, fees or middlemen. A human can survive and thrive in the modern world by realizing their boundless potential whether in work, business, or day-to-day life.

Run by the people for the people, HUMANS aims to be the most-trusted, fully decentralized social network; enabling more efficient human-to-human interactions around the world.

Using data science and AI, our marketplace will be capable of cataloging the skills, knowledge, and interests of billions of humans; essentially serving as a HUMANS Global Resource Bank for all people and all businesses.


We are talking about structural disruption at its most unprecedented, with the promise of greatrewards for all of us. The transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

Google has indexed hundreds of billions of public webpages1 since its inception, but this doesn’t help you find the specific person that you need.
The HUMANS Global Resource Bank is designed to enable you to find and engage with every person that you need in your life, whatever you need.
Transformative services like UBER and others have evolved into gigantic centralised corporations, keeping around 35% of all transactions2 at the expense of the people that make the service work.
The HUMANS Platform is a truly decentralised business, run by people for people, with no middleman, and no fees.
Social networks such as Facebook seek to manipulate the world that their users see, with algorithms and centralised editorial decisions determining what content reaches whom3.
The HUMANS Platform will not be completely controlled by the Company and any editing of content will be controlled by the law rather than the subjective or commercial interests of its owners.
Internet companies today make billions of dollars from advertising and selling the data of their users, while users are unaware of it and receive nothing.
The HUMANS Platform Operator may give back to its users, by allocating up to 25% of its total monthly revenue to incentivize Active Users that make the HUMANS Platform possible.
Existing platforms do not ensure the protection of confidential data from third parties. With one hack or malicious act, a person’s entire digital footprint can be made public.
The HUMANS Platform will be designed to ensure data protection. Whereas, generally, with existing platforms a hostile third party only needs to find one key, our decentralised model will require them to find billions of keys to reach the same data.
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Our Team

In 2017, we launched in New York as a technologically advanced platform after the deficiencies of existing online talent- on-demand services became apparent to our Founders. 250,000 users are already registered on the platform, and thousands of active users join HUMANS every week.

The HUMANS' global team (50+ members) is spread across offices in New York, London and Minsk, and is harnessing the power of Semantic Search, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Technologies.

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  • Dr. Mark D. Minevich
    Advisor, Visionary and Futurist
  • Todd D. Thomas
    Advisor to CEO and Matchmaker Guru
  • Tony Skrelunas
    Advisor on Innovation and Trail Blazer
  • Norman Rich
    Advisor and Problem Solver
  • Tom Blackwell
    PR Advisor and Champagne Taster
  • Evgeny Zhuravlev
    Advisor to CEO and Restaurateur
  • Laura Luo
    Advisor for Asia-Pacific region and Scuba Diver
  • Hazel Macmillan
    Brand Advisor and Enthusiastic Soprano
  • Olga Sorokina
    Legal Advisor and Inspiring Business Mom
  • Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.
    President of National Newspaper Publishers Association and Civil Rights Leader
  • Vlad Dobrynin
    Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Singer
  • Dr. Nick Matveev
    Chief Operating Officer and Rock Climber
  • Joel Johnson
    Investor Relations Director and Stargazer
  • Kunsulu Kapbassova
    Financial Director and Hardworker
  • Dr. Alex Alekseev
    Search & Recommendations Leader and Persistent Man
  • Andrei Levkin
    Chief Information Officer and Highlander
  • Andrey Dmitriev
    Senior Architect and Family Man
  • Yan Kalbaska
    iOS Team Leader and Yogi
  • Pavel Levkovich
    Android Team Leader and Hardworker
  • Misha Shcherbakhin
    QA Lead and Looking for adventure Man
  • Tom Spink
    Head of UK Partnerships and Extreme Skier
  • Zalina Dezhina
    Behavioral economics, Genetics advisor and Science Traveller
  • Artem Taradash
    Chief Product Officer and Boundary Pusher
  • Liubov Small
    Director of Finance and Administration and Face-up Artist
  • Tair Sadykov
    Project manager for client support and Global citizen
  • Nicole Luarca
    Team Leader and Happiness depends upon ourselves


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