Core idea is a global network that connects people with skills, knowledge, and time to others who need them. Our open platform, where anyone can participate, provides the benefits of a one-stop shopping experience for all clients and service providers. On, clients and providers are able to review user-generated ratings, make arrangements and negotiate terms and prices in real-time with instant messaging, and securely transfer payments.

Getting started provides the tools necessary for people to find each other. Anyone can use our powerful search engine to find what they need - service providers can find work, and clients can find the service provider they need. We don’t charge membership fees, and there are no fees to sign up to get in touch with people at

Signing up has simple requirements for those who want to join up: First name, Last name and a professional photo. To create an account we also ask for e-mail, password and a phone number – this information is protected and visible only to the account holder.

Helpful hint: Reliable information and a nice photo with a winning smile are like a strong handshake, it is important to make a good first impression.

Setting up a profile

A profile is the most important tool that can be used by service providers to promote themselves and get noticed by potential clients. It is up to the providers how to sell their skills, knowledge and time, all while developing themselves as professionals. recommends presenting background and expertise in a manner that can impress clients. There are no costs to set up and hold a profile. We don’t make money until you do.

Helpful hint: Discuss who you are. A well-written introduction creates a better chance to find work. More details can highlight you among others. Take the time to build an engaging profile.

Finding the provider

Clients look for service or help from a wide range of different providers featured on They can use the website’s powerful search engine to narrow their search of providers through factors like level of experience, convenient location, speaking the same language, and immediate availability. There are no fees at all for clients to find and work with the right provider.

Finding the client

Providers can find the right client by using our powerful search engine, and then chat in real-time with one or more to make negotiations fast and seamless. There are no fees to get in touch with potential clients. We don’t make money until you do.

Helpful hint: Clients can refuse your offer. Be calm and patient. There are many job opportunities on our web site.

There are no extra costs

We don’t charge membership fees, and there are no fees to sign up and get in touch with people at We don’t make money until you do. Humans.Net charges up to 15% of the total fee to the provider, plus an additional 1% that goes directly to charity. There are no fees for clients, giving them more incentive to find the right provider. set a 0% commission for the first 500 USD transferred to any provider’s account.


Payments on can be safely carried out without risk of losing money or merchandise due to fraud. The online escrow service we use protects both sides of the transaction and regulates secure and transparent payments. Our trusted escrow system collects, temporarily holds and releases funds only when both parties approve of the completed business.

Interesting fact: Escrow is one of the world’s safest and most trusted methods of conducting business transactions; it guarantees everyone involved gets fair treatment.