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I have been designing with a background of programming for 30 years. Both my right and left brain are acutely developed. The buck stops with me no matter how many people are involved on a project, and I am always available to all of our clients 24/7. Two years prior to six months I’ve been on a corporate assignment in New York and San Jose. Working on a portal for super computers. This project was completely successful and two patent pendings for programming lay in the wait. That particular assignment required me to perfect my backend programming skills to support my friendly interface on the front-end. I know what high pressure meetings are about and treat my work in development the same way. The past 6 months I’ve been creating art in the Funk Zone district of Santa Barbara. In this time I’ve shown my art several times and continue to take on work for fellow artists. On the backend I’m working on finishing an Android tour app of the Funk zone because it has many art Galleries and Studios. Now I’m taking on work both in the corporate and the private sector.