I am Liscensed Esthetician and massage therapist ,I am european I I have worked in different countries as beauty trainer and consultant for prominent Spa in Asia,Mostly hong kong ,I had my own practice in Paris ,i have worked in NYC at Georgette klinger,Mario Budascu,Fifi international Spa ,I am working currently on call for benjamin Hotel and the James. I have good references

My resume

  • Massage therapist
  • Esthetician
  • Makeup artist

I am High qualified Esthetician with many years of experience .I do facials,anti-aging treatment i have skills to improve the skin at first time ,customers can see tremendous results,the customer can go out the same day for event if she wants. I of corse discuss and advise before I perform.I have good hands as well as it relax the customer as well. I am punctual,reliable .