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Lover of Arts, Comics, Movies and Video Games, I have been working in world of media since graduated. A year in movie industry and another three and a half year in music. Now I travel the world in the pursuit of serenity and joy. I believe that the purpose of life is to find keys, keys that open the door of opportunities, keys for the door of success, and the most important thing in life, the keys to happiness. My background includes working as a junior creative director in an entertainment company back in Bangkok, Thailand where I worked every weekday in an office environment and enjoyed every moments of it. A year have passed since then, and I am now In New York City chasing my dreams. Most recently, I worked as a freelance filmmaker and specialize in Music Video, Short film and even Wedding Videos where my responsibilities included planning and strategizing the creative process of video works, contact and discussing the direction and content of video work with clients that would lead to the greatest satisfaction of both parties.