Author: Speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, genre writer Analyst: Speculative fiction, comics, comic history, media, movies, television Tech Expertise: Personal computers, network config & technology policy Design Expertise: Adobe Creative Suite, print and online graphic design Citizen Scientist: General science, cosmology, computer technology Former Military: United States Navy, military history, military weapons Martial Artist/Sports: Karate, Wing Chun, skateboarding) Knowledge Set - Gaming: Video games, Role-playing games Knowledge Set - Academic: Sci-fi & fantasy genre, mythology, philosophy Knowledge Set - Comics, comic history, superheroes

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I am an experienced Renaissance thinker with a wide array of talents, skills and training. A former military man, I am an experienced leader, trainer and educator, capable of working well in groups or as a single, self-directed agent. I am a published author, well-regarded essayist and technology specialist. My primary career after eight years in the military was working with computer technology, small and medium business system implementation, educational, laboratory, and server closet setup, network configuration including voice over IP implementation. I am familiar with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and server configurations. My career took me from the repair of PC hardware to leadership roles in corporate and education management as a Vice President of Information Technology and a Chief Information Officer. I have worked as a college professor teaching computer science for five years including a coaching program helping youth transition from college to the technology workforce. I have worked as a mentor for urban youth for fifteen years. After thirty years in the corporate and education industries, I am directing my creative energies in different ways: -- Writing Support: As a writer and analyst, I have a great deal of information on the writing craft, particularly regarding the speculative fiction genres including its tropes, writing conventions and genre limitations. I write regarding scifi technology, science, magic and super-science engineering on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange and describing the science/magic of superheroes and television/movie science fiction. -- Coaching: As a Black man who has worked in the challenging corporate sphere as long as I have, I am interested in teaching organizations how to better understand integrating minority workers into their environments, through training, staff coaching, worker advocacy and improving cultural relationships. -- Teaching Creative Writing: Teaching and creative writing education, with a focus on group training in writing, creativity, and speculative fiction. I have taught seminars for California College of the Arts and the East Cleveland Public Library. -- Technology Training: As computers and algorithms continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, there is a chance you aren't using it as well as you could be. My job is to help you assess the technological aspects of your working environment and help you make reasonable and necessary improvements in a responsible and affordable manner. -- Technology Consultation: I provide small and medium business services and educational technology development, environment optimization, training, and network configurations.