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  • Floor polishing
  • Floor cleaning
  • Pet wash
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Lifting
  • Office cleaning
  • Home cleaning

Are you SUPER BUSY? Do you have children? Work crazy hours at work? Leave it to me!!! I am a 24 year old reliable and responsible professional with experience in household cleaning and personal assisting. Eager to create and maintain a hygienic and clean environment at every clients location. I am looking to start my own household cleaning business and NEED your help. I OFFER THESE SERVICES BELOW Cleaning Responsibilities... Cleans rooms, hallways, and other living or work areas Changes sheets and towels; makes beds; washes, folds, and irons clothes Empties wastebaskets and takes trash to disposal areas Replenishes supplies, such as soap and toilet paper Dusts and polishes furniture and equipment Sweeps, waxes, or polishes floors using brooms, mops, and other floor-cleaning equipment Vacuums rugs, and carpets Cleans or polishes windows, walls, and woodwork Lifts and moves lightweight objects and equipment Refrigerator, cabinet cleaning Light furniture rearrangment Personal Responsibilities ... Running Errands (Business/Personal) Taking & making phone calls Pick-up & drop-off drying cleaning/laundry Organizing home/office Walking/feeding pets Scheduling appointments Food Shopping Escorts for children/elderly Car Cleaning ANY EVENT PREPARATIONS/CLEANING (Parties, Babyshowers, etc.) Hourly Rates: $ 25.00 I supply all my cleaning supplies