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Starting out in radio, Tari Bohnert's career began in sales working with some of New York’s top radio stations where she flourished a network of industry relationships with some of the world’s top advertising agencies and brand directors working in audience development, brand strategy and building integrated multi-media lifestyle programs for Fortune 500 companies. Changing the game, Tari Bohnert moved into Public Radio. As Director of National Underwriting and Strategy at New York Public Radio she worked with shows like Radiolab, Freakonomics, On the Media, Alec Baldwin and Soundcheck. Tari Bohnert consulted with the internal vertical teams on innovative marketing and product development to cultivate new brand partners to the growing novelty of radio storytelling and podcast listening. Fulfilling a long time curiosity and passion to study radio and arts abroad she spent a year and a half living and working in different communities in Latin American overseeing and contributing to projects that projected social change through art, music and sustainable living. Working at a women’s weaving cooperative she worked in textiles doing product development and oversaw the activation of fundraising events in the culturally educated communities of Guatemala. In Ecuador, she joined Radio COCOA, an independent radio station, consulting on the development of their website and directing innovative branded video content. Ecuador also gave her the opportunity to teach small business development and economics to a small rural farming community and worked with them to form a sustainable farmers market in neighboring urban areas. Tari Bohnert has built an international network of connections through her experiences with artists, musicians, thought leaders and global educators. And continuously work vigorously to find new ways to connect my professional community, knowledge and experiences with a portfolio of projects and clients promoting the pursuit of individual passion while enforcing cultural policy and social change. Fulfilling her personal passions, she is also a freelance writer, small business owner of a pop up vintage clothing and music venture, rock climber, and co-founder of