I'm an otaku of various trades - From cultures to photography to cosplaying (costume playing) and so many more! I have huge heart for books and passion for writing, and want to have even some of my most creative works become known!

Languages: Korean, English
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I am a creative writer - Meaning I love to think outside the box. As someone who graduated from English-Writing field, I do tend to live more up in my head than having to live in the moment. This means I will tend to overthink things to make sure everything'll turn out for the best. However, this is fairly well balanced out with having to live in the moment and doing without thinking whenever time calls for it - And this is mainly due to the fact that majority of the courses I've taken for electives are Theater. I've surrounded myself with people whom all have always lived to do first and think later. Due to having to have allowed myself to be immersed with those that are complete opposites of me, I've learend to do first and think later where needed, and think first and do later where things seem risky. You need someone who can get creative and fun with words? And someone to be there right on the spot? Contact me, and I promise you won't regret it.