My resume

  • Cinematographer
  • Camera Op
  • Drone Op
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Videographer
  • Filmmaker
  • Photography
  • Photography
  • Nature photography

I'm a an upcoming filmmaker and producer based in Brooklyn, NY with access to Santo Domingo, DR and San Juan Puerto Rico and more for beautiful tropical landscapes. I do motion videos, aerial cinematography, time-lapse photography, art design, portrait and nature photography as well. I started working in audio production on radio stations such as Super Q FM as a Programing Director for a show called Plus Hours and used to make short little video for their promotion campaign. I went to Full Sail University in Orlando, Fl to pursue my career, which is being a Filmmaker. I made all kinds of video work like short skits, short films, music videos, behind the scenes, small corporate and family events back in the day as part of the camera team in multiple productions. Later on I started doing corporate work for Hotels and Restaurants as a Director of Photography in multiple projects. Lighting the set, shaping shadows, creating mood and feeling for any given gig. (Video & Photoshoots). After two years living in Florida I went to NYC and got my first job as a Film Producer for the Spark Group company in mid town Manhattan. As I progressed I've been learning and growing my knowledge in cinematography and as a Visual Artist. ''I believe storytelling is the most powerful way to throw ideas into the world we live in today.'' —Robert McKee