Hello, I am a freelance writer based in New York City with a special interest in mental health, LGBTQ issues, alternative economies, arts & culture, and creativity. But, I can write about most anything! I have published pieces in The Guardian, The Brooklyn Paper, Curve Magazine, 1st Amendment Media, Lambda Literary Review, and other publications. As a writer, I am adept at creating clear and concise messaging materials for various uses. I can write in various tones, voices and styles for speeches, fundraising, marketing materials, newletters, press releases, corporate bios, website copy and other content, and for a range of collateral material. I can quickly translate complex technical materials into easy-to-read text for the lay person. I am a thorough researcher both online and off, and facile with various social media and networking platforms. I'm also the author of the memoir, "Beautiful Wreck: Sex, Lies & Suicide."

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