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I have several years of experience with writing, proofreading, and copy-editing, each in various capacities. I pay close attention to detail and have significant experience with MLA, APA, and Chicago style formats. My writing has been published by a number of publications. I am personally careful with and critical of my own writing, and go to great lengths to ensure it is clean and error-free. I am self-directed, and also work well with direction and specific instructions. I received my B.A in English Literature from Brandeis University, and while there, I spent a number of years proofreading and editing student writing. I have professional experience with copy-editing, content management, layout design, and writing more formally from various positions I've held at magazines and other publications. I am the founding editor of an online literary magazine that primarily publishes poetry and non-fiction. I run the site, and am responsible for any proofreading, editing, and curating that occurs.