My resume

  • Translation
  • Writing

An avid traveler and global citizen with the power and ability to craft words as beautiful as the sites she sees. This bibliophile has a passion for giving live to the inanimate with stroke of her pen. Maybe she was born with it or maybe it's her belief that thoughts and ideas can never truly be fully manifested they are written. Sang is a communications professional and published writer/young adult fiction author, who empowers and advocates for the rights of girls globally through her initiatives. As a social entrepreneur, who believes people connect through storytelling, her goal is to facilitate ways for these stories to be told and heard. Her credits include translating portions of the "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide" documentary, creating the concept for UNWomen's "I am the 12th Man" sexual and gender-based violence campaign, creator of Project GirlSpire, an online media platform that allows the stories of girls and women to be told, their imaginations to run loose, their voices to be heard, their interests to be discussed and encourage them to be the truest versions of themselves. Project GirlSpire is informative, raw, accepting, creative, and original.