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I'm currently transitioning careers from design to psychology, inspired by wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I believe strongly that everyone has potential to achieve their goals if they are given the necessary support and guidance on their journey. I strive to be a leader in my daily life, including my professional endeavors, and enjoy motivating others to reach for the stars. Life is too short to give up on our dreams, and every achievement in our lives starts somewhere and requires a suitable foundation. Keeping that in mind, I am looking to help others with their journey, whether they are still tiny tots, or with a few extra years of wisdom and life experience, by providing quality academic support, professional coaching, tutoring and editing, and help with organization and time management. I am also an adult with ADD, which gives me a unique perspective in helping those who are recently diagnosed find a way to reorganize their lives and get back into healthy behavioral patterns to aid them in their responsibilities, whether big or small. After years of working with a specialist who has helped me develop strong skills in time management, personal organization, and helping to minimize the negative patterns associated with ADD/ADHD, I am confident that I can help you or your child make the most of the benefits of an energetic mind while developing invaluable tools to manage the hurdles that this disorder can create.