Hello, I'm a Freelance Cinematographer, Videographer, NYC Hollywood Camera Assistant, and Video Editor. - Local 600 (Camera Union) Camera Assistant with 20+ professional credits on IMDB including Blue Bloods, Masters of None, Royal Pains, Mozart in the Jungle, and Billions. - Owner/Operator of a Video Service Company (For corporate videos, weddings, music videos and commercials.) - Writer, Director, Editor of "Reflections" a short film about a man struggling to overcome the weight of causing a traumatic car crash years earlier, played at film festivals around the country. - YouTube (Robbie Backpacking) Travel blogger with 1,600+ subscribers and 600,000+ views - Owner of over $15,000 of equipment including: Canon 5D miii, 2 L-Series Canon Lenses (85mm 1.4, 35mm 1.2,) manfrotto tripod and head, 3 foot konovo slider, shoulder rig, 3 point Rifa Lowel lighting kit, TasCam External audio mixer + Seinheisser wireless lav and Rode boom mic + stand, 4k editing system with dual monitors + intel core i-7 processor + 32 gb ram and more

Languages: English, Spanish
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  • camera loader
  • cinematographer
  • DP
  • Director of Photography
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My name is Robbie Frank, I'm a writer, director, camera operator, and local 600 camera assistant. I have over 20+ credits from professional TV shows and feature films in NYC that include (Blue Bloods, Billions, Masters of None, Mozart in the Jungle, Power, Royal Pains and more.) I've been in the industry for nearly five years and I've helped a number of companies take their social media campaigns to new heights thanks to the aid of my professional videos. I've worked with law firms, gyms, salons, charter flight companies, eye doctors and more. However, words often don't speak to one's work as good as the work itself. I am happy to speak number with you as to doing a few shoots each month. Therefore, below I've attached a few links.... 1) My Website (with my digital portfolio, demo reel, and list of professional equipment) http://rfrank3.wixsite.com/robbiefrank 2) My Short Film "Reflections" (which played at a number of film festivals around the country) http://www.reflectionsmovie.com/ 3) My IMDB (List of Professional Movie Credits:) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5825388/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1