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Hello Loves, Fellow Beings, Beautiful! My name is Riki, and I'm known by my peers as "Butterfly Gypsy." I am a spiritual and transpersonal activist, inspirational empowerment speaker, sacred dancer, and actress. I have chosen a path of unconditional love and advocating conscious works for the welfare and betterment of us all. I adore promoting positive change through creative expression and media. My life is unique and interesting, free-spirited, and nomadic. I find joy and delight in bringing out the potential of others through experience based guidance, speaking, sacred dance, and intuitive and creative expression based on each unique individual. I am also starting up my own YouTube platform as well to showcase my lifestyle and what I love to do. I am available for personal guidance, public speaking, and guest speaking both online or over video conference or in person if you are local to my area. I will also be conducting interviews on my web show for those who are making a positive difference out there. I look forward to helping you to spread your wings so that we can build a greater world together! ^_^ Thank you for being you!