I fell in love with photography as a 10 year old.Saved my money and bought my first camera back in the 70s.Now i am still shooting and making great pictures.For happy clients, family and friends.Today I shoot with a DSLR Digital Camera.Taking a shoot and seeing the photo instantly, giving you the option of deleting the photo.And if yoU delete it just shoot another one, until you get it right. No more taking your film from your film camera, bringing the film to the store or waiting for your photos to come in the mail.Then you have to look at your photos and chose the one photo that captures the moment.And discarding the bad ones, which you had to pay for anyway.

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My name is Paul Olson,and I am a photographer at P J Olson Photography.I attended BU College Of Communications and received a certificate in PHOTOGRAPHY.I shoot, portraits,events,parties and Families.Indoors and outdoors, nature and scenery.My site is paulsfoto.photoshelter.com take a look and see some of my work.Feel free to email me with any questions and comments at paulolson91@gmail.com and 339-224-2047 for Help on the Fly...