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I am a connoisseur of the arts. My natural creativity facilitates innovative originality, and allows me to bring new concepts and ideas into artistic environments. I graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Film Studies and Screenwriting, by which point I had a firm grasp on story and cinematic arts (critique, history, theory). Without a doubt, one of my most marketable skills is my ability to find the best in a piece of art or writing (and often improve it), as well as the absolute weakest element (and create ways to fix it). As a young actor I performed on Broadway, and numerous film/television roles have popped up since. These experiences have not only exposed me to all different types of artists and lifestyles, but they've also helped me to develop my understanding of writing and storytelling. I have published three works of fiction in short story anthologies, and I currently work remotely as a screenwriter/editor for a small production company in North Carolina (as well as on my original screenplay). My blog features film reviews and pop culture commentary, and sometimes politics tickles my fancy. I learn quickly, write adeptly in many different styles, and have a passion for perfectionism.