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Craving a space where sacred connections are made visible, after a gypsy year, I found myself in the attic space of the old gym at university. In this dimly lit room, I moved in a way only my body could illustrate. Door opens, wood floors, thin mats, high beams. Yoga. A finger moves. It’s mine. A foot, then two. Both belong to me. My chest, it’s tight; my shoulders, mobile. I'm so movable, but so weak. Shava? Sha? Savasana. Oh, crying pose. Is this normal? Maybe I should…go… “You’re okay, you’re okay” a voice says from above my tear stained face. Yoga. “We are free to neglect the soul which Krishna reminds us exists even if we fail to acknowledge its presence. Yoga teaches how to make the soul the critical element in our decision-making process. It is unborn, eternal, everlasting, ancient: it is not slain when the body is slain.” Yoga is not a means to an end, but a beginning. Yoga is an intrinsic and extrinsic dialogue. Truth agitates. Yoga is the moment I find myself over and over again. In the midst of my honesty I am inspired to share this experience in my classes. I was trained under the instruction of Tammy Lyons and Mitchel Bleier, Max Strom, Douglas Brooks, Doug Keller, and Sandra Ingerman. I have studied cognitive science and nutritional biochemistry. I attended the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and I am currently studying social justice education through (literary and video) art. I have a great love and respect for the body and its constant metaphor. My practice is an endurance for depth. We hold a space together, a space of unconditional acceptance curated by courage sustained by respect, and we grow with integrity. Yoga is a constant dialogue, an intimate canvas, oftentimes that may look like a Pollock painting. Knowing the value of asana, I try to create a challenging and mindful sequence intelligently opening and strengthening the body. My journey has included Cranio-Sacral therapy which provides a secure knowledge of body-listening techniques and trauma release. I am a practitioner of Peruvian Shamanic healing, along with Body Talk Therapy, which connect the body and its sacred consciousness. I have been teaching since I was nineteen. I believe in the power of inclusivity, vulnerability, and creativity. I have taught in New York, Cleveland, and Boulder. I started the yoga program (one of my first projects) at the Louis V. Stokes Veteran hospital, for all staff and veterans, and encouraged staff to partake in order to share the experience with their patients. I also taught outdoor yoga in New York. My work in Boulder was very much apart of yoga for social justice. I affiliate myself with the Decolonizing Yoga project as well as My Body Is Not An Apology movement. I taught a class which all donations went to Out Boulder Organization, and I worked mostly with LGBTQ individuals, reconciling the body and the politik and allowing the narrative of body in movement to heal the tension between social, political, and embodied difference(i.e. Gender, size, etc.) I teach a trauma-informed class. We must unlearn so much to love ourselves. My classes are challenging and accessible. Part of collectively healing is understanding what divides, and how states of fear sustains this division. My hope is to teach and share a ferocious love by exposing myself to the pain and suffering and resource these experiences for their profundity and embodied wisdom. Please reach out for video consultations regarding Shamanic journeying, yoga therapy, and emotional support. I offer individualized sessions where we get a chance to discuss your history and your intentions.