I started out as an illustrator, fine artist....and grew closer to graphic design and creative direction as I progressed In my career. I have dabbled with many disciplines within the creative gamut from packaging design, branding , ID development to environmental and display design even at times product design. Since being creative alllows me to visualize pretty much any idea whatever the application is, I am up for an assignment sketch to logo design , to full fledged brand and design campaigns. I look forward to connecting with new clients big and small.

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My resume

  • Adobe illustrator
  • Illustrating
  • Branding
  • Direct marketing
  • Marketing
  • Environmental design

Versatile Designer / Art Director with experience in Branding, Package Design, Consumer / Luxury Goods as well as general design work that entails print design with exposure to B to B, Consumer. I have developed concepts, logos, ads / campaigns, corporate ID, direct marketing, ranging from financial, retail, to pharmaceutical subject matters. Originally I started out as an Illustrator but have "grown feather of different flocks" and so I have taken on numerous highly enriching projects that have helped me to grow in creativity and gaining marketing acumen. I am skilled as an illustrator, technical knowhow about packaging dielines and the latest tools CC Adobe needed to move the projects into the clients laps.