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Hello to whomever is reading. My name is Mikhail. I am a quick learner and a good wardrobe for many task. I'm planning on being a student so odd jobs are something im looking to accelerate at in this current phase of life. Experience in marketing by using excel for addresses and mailing. Using systems to verify information for companies with those sorts of licenses. Meaning understood backround checks tracing and limited in surveillance technology. I understand file management of audio and video along with having to be a quick study to see local compliance and laws. I have a professional wardrobe if necessary. I am able to do all office work and able to re familiarize with various softwares and procedures within a day. In possession is a knack for finding and procuring different professional service and forming databases and making phone calls to confirm. I have a confident professional phone demeanor which is well received according to others. I like to help people. Regardless of my experience, I wish to work towards medical school and becoming a Osteopathic Doctor one day. I am a secret nerd as i am outwardly socially adept even if i prefer to be cloistered at home reading abstracts from science publications. Id like the opportunity to try many different jobs. Id like to try odd jobs and meet people. I hope you'd give me a chance to expand my horizons, points of view and experiences meeting wonderful people while helping someone and earning a buck or two. Thank you for reading me. -Mikhail T