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  • Helpful and fair!
  • Fence repair
  • Fence Installation
  • Repairing
  • Painting
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • AC installation
  • Plumbing
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Hi my name is Matt. I am 45 a single Dad and union sheet metal worker by trade since 1999, during which I have become a foreman and prior to that I was a carpenter for a short time. I am a home-owner and do 90% of the work on it myself, so I am very handy in almost all aspects. I also do work for many of my neighbors without any complaints so far and we are all still friends... lol. I take pride in my work ALWAYS and am very thorough in every phase of a project. I am intelligent and research things Iam unfamiliar with intensely before undertaking a job, so that I am completely comfortable with any task to make sure I am prepared. I always stand behind anything I do and feel that if I "put my name on it" so to speak it must meet my own personal standards. I will never leave anything unfinished or not working properly no matter how long it takes, period, and if there is a minor adjustment to be made later I am normally happy to take care of that. I always treat other peoples homes and belongings as if they were my own. I am able to do many many jobs around the home or office such as HVAC installation or repair, minor electrical or plumbing, gardening or yard work, fence repair, gutter repair or cleaning, painting or waterproofing, concrete work, and general maintenance. I also do maintenance on cars like tuneups, oil changes, brakes and tires. If there is anything that may arise unexpectedly I have a vast resource of qualified friends in their perspective fields I can call on at anytime for advice, information or even help. I am fair and not out to recieve any more money for less than equal service. Any price for a job will be final and completely discussed and understood and agreed upon fully by both parties and all tasks to be completed will be clear and completely detailed so that there are no misunderstandings.. I am open to working with someone on the price of any job.. Put it this way I do my own work at home because: 1. yes, to save money 2. so that I am aware of whats being done and how well its been done so I am able to have peace of mind afterwards. This is exactly what I try to provide for someone else when I do something for them. Something you dont always get when hiring a so called "professional" company. It feels good being able to help someone out providing a quality service they want or need while being able to save them some money doing it..Win win!! As for the prices below i had to enter somthing so there arent actual. My prices are negotiable