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  • System administrator

I have over 15 years of work IT experience. From 1997 to 2007 I worked as a systems and network administrator for Global Outsourcing, an IT consulting firm based in New York City. My main role there was to oversee all aspects of network management and security for our clients among which were several of the cities top hedge funds. My duties included installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, as well as firewall filtering, VPN configuration solutions. As the most senior manager in New York (other managers were located in Miami and Santiago, Chile), I was also responsible for business relationships with all of our New York clients. Hedge fund managers needed their systems to be running smoothly so that the traders could do their jobs; any downtime was unacceptable, and I had to ensure a flawless uninterrupted back-end management for them to run their businesses. I am looking for a position where I am responsible for managing the proper operation of Windows, Mac OS, Linux OS, Network infrastructure, project management, all round application support. In the following jobs after the hedge fund era. I have made successful technology transitions. I have worked in Security Infrastructure firms as an integrator, Retail industry as an infrastructure administrator and Government agency (FAA) as an Oracle Middle Tier administrator. I am in constant pursuit of knowledge for advanced technologies such as Cloud computing administration. I have a big interest in getting more involve with Business intelligence solutions. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you further about this position. My resume is attached, and I can be reached at or 347 751 8822. Best regards, Marcelo Zamorano