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I am an art teacher passionate about all the nuances of our creative community here in Philadelphia. Since graduating with a bachelors degree and Visual and Critical Studies, I have worked to further my career as an arts educator and professional artist working in printmaking, sculpture and immersive installation. I am dedicated to finding ways of communicate the longing for a natural state of mind that often seems too complex for society. I see my role as an artist being the like corresponder of obvious values and carrier of infinite uncertainty, who's only job is to accept and embody change. I have worked with numerous non-profit organizations aiming to bring art to low income neighborhoods, and whose mission is to bring out the artist in each and every child. In this work, I have acquired a wide range of skills. Going from child care, educational support, classroom and team management, grant writing, marketing strategies, to shop management, canopy building, art work restoration, inventory and more. On a normal day, I am either teaching or in my studio making prints and carving linoleum boards. On a not-so-normal day I am having meetings with artists about future collaborations and working for galleries both in Philly and New York. I also do freelance work for art advisors, making sure that they are always equipped with the right information about artists and know which dealers, collectors and galleries to contact. I also take care of some of their marketing material as well as handle correspondence. On a perfect day, I am in the Rodin Museum drawing sculptures or at the park writing and reading poetry. My hometown, Sao Paulo in Brazil is my favorite place, even though I sometimes can't stand it. It is such a complex city, so vivid and flooded by murals and graffiti everywhere. I also like to go out and put some of my marks on the walls, because I love to interact with people on the streets wherever I go. I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese. I also teach private Spanish classes to children and teenagers. There are those days where I feel that I could contribute more to the betterment of Philadelphia, and to the creativity at large. I hope that by joining I can meet interesting people, doing extraordinary things that I can learn from and teach in school. I don't know much about floriculture and gardening, but I grew up with a grandmother who owns a farm and wins prizes for her rare tropical plant arrangements. I would love to be involved with a group that is engaged in community farming, indoor farming, hydroponics and any other time of food, crops, herbs producing projects.