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Keely 'Poi' Majewski is a writer, editor, and blogger living part time in Pasadena, California and South West Florida. Keely's work developed over time with a strong background in creative writing for YA and children's fairy tales. The first published novel called Huberi catapulted personal productivity and innovation into overdrive when it came to writing, allowing Keely to branch out in many directions from journalism to pop culture blogging. Moving forward a few years after graduating from a specialized art academy for the fine arts in SWFL, the quest to begin an online publication became the main goal, GOLDEN BOY PRESS was born. With the help from Zane 'Zab' Brown as editor for the online underground arts magazine, that focuses on music, writing, influential people, and art, the duo has made a memorable impact on the 500+ contributors that have taken part in the GBP journey. Still working hard on GBP for almost 3 years now, she hopes to continue growing the brand and influencing the creative industries. Keely has also reconnected with her creative writing passion working on her newest novella during the past year, while also working as a writer and editor for The Talko, Baby Gaga, REVITA5, and a Freelance Copywriter.