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  • Non-fiction writer specializing in human sciences
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Architect
  • Journalist
  • Translation
  • Psychology
  • Market research
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Kay Smythe was born in South Wales, UK. She currently resides in Venice, California, under the O1 VISA program as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. She was granted this visa for her extensive background in academic, journalistic, and scientific researcher. At the age of 11, Smythe was first published in Guardian Travel for her first-hand accounts of travel experience across the globe. She continued to be published in the Guardian, and many other national and international publications for both researched travel destinations (social, cultural, and physical-based holiday experiences) throughout her teens. Smythe first started her freelance research work around the age of 14, when she was hired to translate complex medical documents into layman’s terms for a family friend. At the same time she was also hired by a private optical specialist in Wales, specializing in various luxury brands of optical and sunglasses for sales and development purposes. After graduating high school at 16, Smythe went to college, where was appointed Editor in Chief of the campus newspaper. She was subsequently fired for publishing a sociological and medical article on a new study into MDMA and cannabis treatments for veterans suffering from PTSD. As a result, she handed out the publication for free across the campus and was interviewed for local and national radio and magazines on the work. During her time in university, Smythe completed an undergraduate in three years, as well as a comprehensive socio-geographic dissertation based on four of the reigning paradigms in sociological theory, which was then applied to space in order to develop an on-going theory, which she continues to develop in her spare time. In her final two years of university, Smythe also started her own charity, became opinions and news editor of her local branch of The Tab, and headhunted up-and-coming talent in the entertainment industry for the Huffington Post. Her works include Emmy nominated Richard Cabral (American Crime), Clayton Cardenas (American Crime), and Oscar-nominated Brionne Davis (Embrace of the Serpent) to name a few. Now, Smythe’s work revolves around research-based copywriting for several marketing and corporate clients in the Greater Los Angeles area, completing works of journalism for several national and international publications, and ghost-writing doctoral dissertations for American PhD candidates. To date, she has written more than 15 dissertations on a variety of medical, sociological, psychological, and geographical topics. She also completes demographic studies and land-use survey for private contractors and architects in Venice, California. She lives with her best friend, Goddaughter, and five pets, and is hoping to publish her first book when she gets around to affording a new laptop to do so.