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My name is Kathleen Shaw. I am a provider of Legal Research, Writing and Oratorical services. Relevant work experience includes post-graduate law school experience as an Associate in the Maryland Office of the Attorney General, Student Attorney in the Office of the General Counsel for the District of Columbia, U. S. House of Representatives Law Student Intern and serving in various other legal-related jobs. Each of these capacities has served to hone my legal skills in the specific areas of Research and Writing. Routine tasks such as Case/Claims Analysis of Federal District Court filings, Discovery Requests, Researching relevant and applicable case law, preparation of exhibits, compiling memorandums and drafting/filing pleadings were critical components of my daily assignments. Prior to the Legal profession, I worked as a public school teacher where my skill and ability to communicate oratorically was fine-tuned. Motivational, Persuasive and Informative Speaking/Speech-writing to audiences, both large and small, is a talent that I am extremely passionate about. I consider myself to be a "CNN news-buff" and maintain an astute and in-depth awareness of daily global issues relevant to today. Additionally, I have served as the Ghostwriter for a published author. In a nut-shell, reading, writing and speaking is the area of my expertise. So whether you're running for public office (or already a public servant of the People) and in need of a good, sound speech, a student in need of some research and a corresponding paper, or a private Law firm/Attorney in need of a contract employee who works off-site, you are welcome to contact me with your service needs. My Client services are available to Law firms, Attorneys, Consulting firms, Undergraduate/Graduate Students and just about any business entity necessitating contract legal work completion, Representation in conferences/meetings and/or substantive writing for your platform.