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Being an Economics and Accounting major at University of California, Santa Barbara has provided me various analytical skills. I am proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, I am proficient in accounting and finance. Between attending UCSB and volunteering, I have developed excellent communication, team work, and social skills. I am an effective leader and team player in both the classroom and in the work place. I am an extremely fast learner in all quantitative, systematic, and analytical subjects. During my junior year in college, I was given an opportunity to travel to Madrid, Spain so I could teach and tutor English abroad. Being an opportunistic and hard working individual, I took on the challenge of living, working, and adapting in a foreign country. Living in Spain, I had to quickly learn to new customs, cultures, and traditions that were different from my own. I was able to live in Spain for ten months before returning to California in order to finish my education. After living in a foreign country, I truly believe I can accomplish any job or task that could be put in front of me. In addition, I know I can learn anything needed to accomplish a job or task with in a very short period of time. Currently, I work as a Senior Accountant for an bookkeeping firm in Downtown San Francisco. I believe that my work experience and education have prepared me well for a position in your industry, and I am very interested in starting a relationship with a reputable company such as yours.