Hello, my name is Jose. I'm an independent contractor from uptown Manhattan. I'm very affordable and I will beat anybodies price. I guaratanee my work 100% OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

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Hello, I've been a contractor for over 7 years. I've been a furniture technictian for 8. For those who may be asking what's a furniture tech, basically I can take any oversized piece of furniture that doesn't fit into or through any tight space(ex. Sofa, bed, armoir, etc..) For example. Let s say you have a sofa that doesn't fit in your elevator or doesn't go up your stairs, or doesn't make a turn into your apt or basement, what I would do is peel the fabric and cut the wood to make it fit. Once inside the desired location for the furniture I'll put it together using metal plates and/or wood, then staple the fabric back together (see pictures). For more information feel free to contact me.