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Hey! My name is Jonathan but you can call me Jonny! I was born and raised in VA but I recently moved away for a couple months to help my mother out while she got settled into her new home in GA. Now that I'm back, I'm more eager than ever to get that ball rolling with something that I really enjoy. I love animals, spending time outdoors, exercising, and keeping busy. I've got 7 years experience working customer service in a retail store so I've acclimated to being cool and collected in high intensity situations and balancing a lot of things at once. I've been surrounded by animals my whole life though, and I especially love dogs. They have that special ability to always be loving and excitable and bring joy to so many people no matter how they're feeling. So I figured I would be perfect for this kind of work(if you can call it that)! I love playing, walking, cuddling, and taking care of all types of dogs from any age. If you're looking for someone young and fit who can actually take your dogs for long walks and play vigorously outside; someone well-rounded and responsible, then I'd absolutely be the perfect person for the job.