Howdy, I'm a designer/artist in the Baltimore are. I paint, read, play ukulele, practice mandarin, and make my bed everyday. I work and live in Baltimore City, doing freelance graphic design and fine art commissions. You can see my work at the links below. Recently I've moved back here to Maryland from workign in Changhsa China teaching English, and would love to continue that work eventually. I also do cooking/serving for local charity organization Mondays if you want to come check it out, help out, or get fed let me know ^_^

Languages: Chinese, English
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  • illustrate
  • illustrator
  • design
  • designer
  • graphic
  • graphics
  • media
  • art
  • adobe
  • photoshop
  • portrait
  • fine art
  • Web design
  • Editing
  • Illustrating

Designer, Artist in the Baltimore Area. I create, edit, illustrate, and design for print, and web.