I am "Singer at Large" and recording artist Johnny J. Blair, a veteran music producer seeking artists needing to create demos, full album projects, do remixes and fixes, song completion, or simply need music business consultation. Specifically I’m looking for acts doing diverse styles of pop/rock music, Americana, and post-punk/New Wave. You can listen to my production work here: https://johnnyjblairsingeratlarge.bandcamp.com/album/the-producer. My musical influences range from David Bowie to Brian Wilson. As a producer, my role models include T-Bone Burnett, Tony Mansfield, George Martin, Chris Thomas, and Tony Visconti. I combine time-tested organic approaches with the best of technology to get your song and ideas out into the world. My solo recordings have reached a global audience. I also worked with the late Davy Jones of The Monkees, producing and performing on most of his projects from 1993 (including pre-production on JUSTUS, the 1997 Monkees's reunion) until Jones's passing in 2012. Other recording credits include Chris Andrews (Roger Daltrey, David Essex), The Badlees, John Bechdel (Fear Factory), Mike Garson (David Bowie), Michael Roe (The 77s), and Chris von Sneidern. Goldmine Magazine described my music as "pop music with a conscience" while Spotlight Magazine dubbed me "the Harry Houdini of rock'n'roll" for my ongoing "escape from typecasts." I have also been a radio show host, music journalist, and seller of music instruments and vinyl records.

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I am a musician, singer-songwriter, recording producer, and music journalist.