My work with Tokyo Electron, Massachusetts as a cover letter. Each position accepted is given the same attention to detail. First and foremost, my experience with TEM was most rewarding. Ray Cahoon gave me the tools and freedom to improve Tokyo Electrons documentation while honing my abilities. Hired as a technical writer / production support technician supplying procedures in a MS Word format with out photos. Documentation and quality control support quickly became 98 % of the position responsibility. Support production, field technicians, engineering and quality control. All departments request verbal information, pictures and documents. Jack L. Kevin A. Shinji H. Tom M. Tony S. Bill S. Koji K. Scott L. Ted H. Tom H. John Z. James H. Jim E. and Gregory W. Son and Keit C. Kudo Y. and Ohata M. asked, would I make myself available upon their return to TEL in Japan. When questions are asked that are difficult to explain by phone I would write a quick procedure to e-mail out. Example: Navigation procedure “Quick Start Guide” for the TEM website. Approximately six weeks into my first assignment with Tokyo I was asked to write a picture based, Field Repair / Upgrade Procedure. Working late at the office, on the production floor with the actual product and then late into the night at home to complete the document in a timely manner. This upgrade would prevent the possibility of Semi Conductor manufacturing equipment, "Process Ships” shutting down at customer locations worldwide. Alan T. head of Quality Control, said of the document... “The best I have seen in my 20 years in the Semiconductor industry” He asked, can we make this type of document available to production? Ray Cahoon. said of the work, unique! Mike J. (COO) included this document as part of his presentation to an important customer visiting the Beverly location. Work through lunch & after normal Production hours to stage/set up for pictures with proper composition on the production floor when it may interfere with production Assemble folders, complete with Cover Sheet, Content Page, Procedures, and Drawings. Supply Pictures and Procedures to Mike J. (COO) for corporate and customer presentations. One group asked if they might take a few procedures with them to dinner that evening. The knowledge base and documents are used with proven success. Recently, during a source inspection in Beverly the customer had issue with one thing. Tom M. knew I had developed and written a procedure to address this issue and performed a presentation on the production floor. With the situation eased Koji K. had also been working on a permanent solution for the issue with our supplier so e-mailing all concerned was the next step. Koji had a set of the improved parts ready for testing and installation before product delivery. A multi national company with employees / customers around the globe speaking different languages developing Symbols for improve understanding was added to documents. Volunteer/accept all duties. Inspection department needed help during a time of high volume. Five of us worked together in a new way for 2 weeks. This effort was acknowledged with a "Kudos" Award at the monthly group meeting. Install and document an upgrade in the process lab. The upgrade was made unsupervised and on a timely basis. Down time would effect process engineers efforts toward certification of the product. The original procedure directory increased in size from 500 Meg. to over 30 Gigs covering added daily tasks and projects. Organized to assist finding information when needed. Nearing completion of the 2nd Contract assignment with TEM, Kudo Y. sent an email from Japan. John-San, When you leave TEM I will miss you. Thank you for your effort on documentation. I believe you gave us new understanding of procedure importance and how to generate instruction / documentation. Thank you and good luck to your future, Kudo-San

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