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  • Sports writing
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  • Translation
  • Advertising
  • Technical writing
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It's been said that writers should write what they know. In my case, that opens me up to exploring a world of different writing possibilities. Indeed, I have written professional advertising copy, engaged in service journalism, sports reporting, human interest pieces and technical writing. Couple that with the myriad other life experiences I've dabbled in that provide me with the kind of background which translates to putting together terrific prose for whatever you may need. Professionally, I have toiled among some of the finest landscapers in the business, learning the finer points of making vistas even more beautiful. I have worked in every facet of the golf world that you can imagine, from course construction to clubhouse management. I have worked in the service industry in more ways than a sane person should, including fine-dining, beverage management, brewpub management and even professional brewing. "Right, but what about farming," you ask. Of course you do. Indeed I have run farming operations that sell gourmet product to most of the east coast's finest dining establishments. However, clearly it's not one's professional experiences that singularly define their base of knowledge. For sure, my love of travel, music, athletic pursuits, history and culture are a large part of who I am and what I can draw from in putting pen to paper. On top of that, I'm a crack researcher, having been credited in various academic papers. It would be a pleasure to work with you on your writing project, as I understand that writing can be intimidating to people on a number of levels. Allow me to help you, as I am very comfortable with the written word.