I'm 28 years old. I'm a family guy of 4. Ready to work

Languages: Spanish, English
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  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Floor installation
  • Carpet cleaning

I am a committed and motivated individual with a broad range of adaptable skills gained in challenging working environments. At this point, I’ve accumulated more than 12 years of experience as a custodian in hotels and schools, giving me a firm grasp of the complexities of groundskeeping and maintenances.I manage carpet cleaning, vacuuming, floor care, trash removal, and restroom cleaning. I strive to maintain a safe working environment to prevent accidents and preserve valuable equipment. I am bilingual in English/Spanish. I am tremendously excited by the prospect of being able to utilize my knowledge and skills to my best. I am confident that I am a strong contender for this position and know that my qualifications more than meet your needs.