SKILLS Experienced designing individual exercise programs to improve patients’ mobility in joints and strengthen muscular groups. Able to Bilingual speaking (English/Spanish). Able to surf the Web Able to operate PC hardware, Microsoft Office, Excell, Matlab, Maple and C++ My strong attention to the detail to make dogs love me, it's rare and I’m very patient with my beloved pet dogs, which I've had since I was born. My father worked as a breeder and seller of Boxer's dogs. This was a job for the whole family, dogs were like our little brothers, their best moments of the day was when they came out, which was a full day touring and complete meadows in my hometown. It was always a tragic moment in our family, when older dog parents died. This is why I could be the perfect candidate, because for me at this moment, this is the best job of the world!

Languages: Spanish, English
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Please consider me in the Dog Handler position you may offer. I am a Mexican woman 55 years old, retired professional in need to sponsor me a personal research project and with no other job, classes or anything else. I have very good physical condition, I have always worked as a gym trainer but for disability persons and I have and I could drive a bicycle very easily if it was necessary. 36 months is the minimum length of time I will be able to commit to this job and besides my complete availability, I'm absolutely able to commit to the days/hours required, I'm highly reliable on this and if I would be hired, the date I could start it's immediately.