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Educational Consultant | Child Advocate | Private Tutor Counseling | Homeschooling I work with children in: - pre-k - elementary school - middle school AM I THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU? You are ready to work with me if: * You are actively involved in your child's life * You are ready to help your child like, yesterday * You value professional advice and are ready to act on it * You would move heaven and earth for your child * You can see their areas for improvement objectively * You are willing to make the necessary changes in your home life to complement support services received * You are fully invested in your child’s success STEP ONE: Book an Open Opportunity Session --> Your child's situation is analyzed, you are educated on the tricky and confusing school system, and a strategy is provided on how to help your child get the support they need. STEP TWO: I implement the strategy created just for you through the appropriate services which might include tutoring, advocacy, consulting, or counseling. I hold a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Psychology and Education, respectively. I have worked in the education industry for 20+ years in varying capacities with a diverse group of children and families.