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Are you seeking a personal servant, a project task master in The Greenwich area, paid by the hour and just didn’t know it? Included here are some possibilities complicated only by a lack of imagination and the ability to merely ask me if I am up to the job. Project costs are negotiable with reasonable estimates for each job. Upon special requests I can even prepare meals on those days when you are supposed to pull three rabbits out of your hat between work, the gym and cooking for you spouse’s ungrateful and unappreciative boss, the ONE that you are both sucking up to get that Christmas bonus or 10k a year raise in your salary, that you rightly earned eight years ago. Occupations and Vocations; Unemployed Monarch Starving Artist Fire Show Producer/Director Festival organizer World Traveler Writer/Poet Humorist Space utilization Dog walker Dresser/Valet Dinner Party organizer House cleaner Online personal shopper Adult sitting Visiting companion to shut-ins I can feed and get your grandparents drunk Setting up over the top parties, Preparation for political, social and entertainment events Should you be looking for more, all you have to do is ask me I work mostly solo, soul sold separately, am skilled, even proficient in a wide array of mundane human tasks, functions, perhaps even jobs that involve some thinking. Good honest work that involves my helping you to get those things done that you may have been procrastinating on doing yourself is most desirable. My rates are affordable. Just sayin.. Feel free to contact me any time Thank You. Gust C Lundberg II