Giuliana Ruiz is NYC based artist, born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. With a residency at ConArtist gallery, where she does an expo twice a month, Giuliana highlights people’s most vulnerable characteristics. By her attention to small details like freckles or crooked teeth, a slow accumulation emerges, and breathes life into her work. By adapting to her subjects environment, Giuliana connects with her work by placing her self in their surroundings and seeing the world through their eyes. Starting with their vulnerable perception she creates a self portrait by assimilating to what the subject may think or feel in their surroundings. Never forgetting to bring her own spirit to a piece, she adds small signature touches through a color palette that has taken over a decade to groom.   Giuliana attended Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano for a degree in Professional Graphic design and has been working not only as a painter but a freelance graphic designer in both Bogota and New York City.

Languages: Spanish, English
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  • Illustrating
  • Graphic design

Hello, my name is Giuliana Ruiz and I specialize in illustration and graphic design I look forward to working with you ! :)