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  • Academic writing
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  • Event planning
  • Journalist
  • Event managing
  • Advertising
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Hello, I'm Geoff and I am offering a variety of services to those who need it. Primarily my main skill lies in research, as a historian, I know how to find and compile data quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for information for a small business, need assistance on a research project, or are just trying to find out data for personal use, I can help you there. I also have experience in event planning, coordination, and advertisement. Both in my academic and personal life I have been involved in several dozen events that I have either created or assisted in the facilitation of. These events include: stand-up comedy nights, awareness fairs, debate watch/discussions, cinema nights, board game meet-ups, and even haunted houses. I've worked both independently and in committees for these events and am ready to help where needed there. My further skills include journalistic, creative, and academic writing, data entry, social media communication, book-keeping, clerical assistance, and consultation. My current schedule is very flexible and I am more than willing to adjust so that I can meet your needs and match your time-line and am more than willing to commute if necessary.