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  • Repairing OBJETIVE Obtain a position where I can contribute my experience as a driver. I have very good customer service skills. I have always been punctual in my work. I work well independently or with other staff members. EXPERIENCE Spiel Associates, Inc • Operated all vehicles in efficient and safe manner as per the rule, procedures and policies. • Responsible for checking out daily maintenance and repairing of vehicle. • Daily records of pickups and drops are also maintained. • Responsible for operating municipal trucks in very safe manner to minimize damage of vehicle, injury, risk of accidents and many other things. • Keep the vehicle clean whenever needed. • Done various other duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY • Over 20 years of a clean driver license. • Excellent driving skills and knowledge of traffic laws. • Practiced careful defensive driving techniques to attain and maintain a perfect safety record. • Wide knowledge of vehicle maintenance and operation. • Maintained perfect driving records of delivery schedules, customer issues and location notes to keep management adequately informed. • Accurate sense of direction and comprehensive visual memory.