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Dear Customer, A writer is only as good as his or her emotions connect to a reader's sentiments. Rather I find the best writers are the ones who write for enlightening themselves first and others second. I have published several short novels, written several blogs, and believe objectivity comes from research and attempting to communicate to board audiences. This means removing myself from any prejudices which comes from considering all sides of an argument. Proposals which comes from you. My areas of interests or relative expertise (if you wish to call it) are but not limited to the following: Any genres or areas of World, US, Modern Latin American History, Eastern European History. Video gaming with respect to PS4 Pro Soccer, Soccer Coaching High School to Pro Geo-Digital-Political Trends Movie, Music reviews Ancient Technologies I am open to developing Ads, Creating Business Stratgies, Educational Consulting, Educational Trends. Thank you for your time and reading this for I hope our mutual benefit.