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To whom it may concern, My name is David Hagler and I am humbly submitting my resume to obtain a position within your organization. I believe I will be an asset to your organization and my salary requirements are negotiable. I am computer literate and have excellent interpersonal skills. Any prospective employer will find that I am reliable, hard-working and a quick learner. I am also organized, detail- oriented, energetic and self-motivated. Throughout my work experience, I have exhibited high levels of professionalism, motivation and high work ethics. My work abilities have enabled me to inspire trust and confidence within my superiors. My strong commitment to quality, performance, and interpersonal relations, in conjunction with my general knowledge and attitude, assures an invaluable security to any environment. Being a team player & Line cook which overall included preparing the Dishes to the Chefs standards , Taking on responsibilities from varies station work ( Hot side , cold side , Hot apps , sandwich & pizza assembly ) , Plate assembly , garnishing & Expediting the food . I have also Prepared the food for service according to the restaurant's recipes. Simultaneously exhibiting Knife skills , good attitude, good hand skills, attentive to details, and accepting of direction as necessary. Cleaning oysters to health code standard , & Doing the dishes Have also been duties i took on.