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  • Dog walking
  • Sculptor
  • Custom jewelry
  • Psychology
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Dog sitting
  • Editing

In regard to dog walking experience, I grew up on a farm and have spent almost all of my life either caring for my own cats and dogs over the years, or more recently farm-sitting and dog walking for others. I currently work on an alpaca and horse farm and do local dog walking, but a friend recommended this website to me and I thought it would be perfect to expand my dog walking practices. Caring for animals comes naturally for me due to my up-bringing and I honestly just love them. I enjoy working with them and helping them stay healthy, and I would really like being able to do something I love as a job. I am currently trying to make enough money to go back to school and finish my Psychology degree, because I would like to help humans who are having a hard time as much as I've been helping animals. In regard to art, I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. My best grades were always in art and science. I have been doing Photography in both film and digital since 2000 or so, and I used to work quite a lot with porcelain (decorative masks were my main creation, and elder futhark runesets). I don't have access to a kiln but I have started using polymer clay. I also do a lot of drawing and painting, mostly with oil paints in a combination of abstract expressionism and surrealism. The main thing I tend to create now are customized glass vial jewelry, filled with various types of tiny flowers, sometimes gemstones and other earthen elements, and a delicate lock of braided hair wire-wrapped from a choice loved one. These can be used as momento mori, or just as momentos of a loved one. I also have experience with wire-wrapping quartz crystals, and have plenty of photographs of my works for those interested. I would be happy to answer any questions!

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