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Greetings, the name is Connor Hart and right now it is my job to "pitch" myself to you, so let me start by saying; this is only the beginning of my pitch. People usually like to explain themselves with a savvy list of their talents mixed with a defining tone of success. I will try my best to avoid any of that, and focus more on what I can bring to you. I am a man of many traits, quirks, and passions. A game designer, creative writer, graphic artist, entrepreneur, and avid critical thinker. Mixed media is a term for it, but I like to think of it as adaptive media. For you, I want to bring these passions and interests I have collected over the years and let them be the medium between us and our mission. I have a learned mind, and it is most utilized in seeking out simple and solid solutions. Bringing together different modes of thought and approaching a situation with every kind of understanding can lead to non-linear outcomes. I have worked with a team of unique individuals in my own company and discovered quickly that diversity in thinking as well as in passion is what creates optimal and creative solutions. Visual art is a strong suit of mine, both the traditional and digital work I have done has been about delivering a message in the best way possible. As I moved into game development I realized that visuals can be only one piece to a presentation. I learned that the interaction between visuals and other mediums like code, sound, and space is what defines a user experience. In this modern society we are seeing a plethora of products from phones, appliances, entertainment devices, even pieces of clothing that are connecting to the "internet of things." We are moving into an age where everything is mixing, mashing, and churning out new ideas. This big mix is something I aim to master as a designer and simply as a user. So what you may find in my work, is that I am always looking for new ways to bring together various mediums, and any research or study that is required I am quick to dig in and expand my skill-sets to get the job done. But something I want to do for you is help in finding the right path to take for your product or for your brand. The most important thing to a business isn't having the right product this year or the next, it is having the right trajectory to be ahead of the curve. The creative world is more than one industry, and I want to be the guy who can channel that world into whatever situation I am in, and use it to keep innovating and integrating. So, if you need me to create, communicate, or analyze let it be known I am ready for all three. I hope to be working with you on something creative, and I hope that "something" is going going to further push the bounds of your mission.