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Hi, I'm Chlo. I'm 20 years old, currently living in Brooklyn. I am a choreographer, singer, musician, dancer, model, embroiderer, up-cycler, vintage buyer, and stylist. I have years of formal voice, acting and dance training, in classical and contemporary styles, along with a college degree in Dance. I have experience creating and performing choreography for both concert modern/contemporary and musical theatre, performing musical theatre vocals, back-up vocals for bands, and writing complex multi-layer harmonies. I also play ukulele, guitar, and electric bass. I am a self-taught embroiderer and up-cycler, inspired by my materials and surroundings. I have been embroidering and re-purposing clothing for about 8 years. I have years of experience buying vintage, with an eye for designer pieces and predicting trends. Please feel free to contact me about any of these services, I am looking to build my network and portfolio, so I would be willing do things pro bono. While I don't have much of a portfolio, I do have an "eye", a creative mind, passion, and experience. I am always a team player and love to be challenged creatively. If you're also a young creative starting out, or looking for someone to do work for free, come collaborate and with me. Let's create something.