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Having spent the last 3 years as a content writer/editor for inbound internet marketing companies, I have been exposed to lots of different types of content writing that span many different industries. My main strength as a content writer is my ability to produce a high volume of 100% original, useful and purposeful content in a short amount of time. My past employers have called me very reliable and I was often entrusted with short-notice projects that absolutely needed to be done in a limited time frame. I always meet my deadlines and have lots of experience with SEO content, informative articles, eBooks, consumer articles, creative blogs, meta content, product descriptions, product reviews and more. Writing is my passion and I am very adaptive and capable of taking on different tones and writing for various audiences. Being able to write any kind of content is very important to me so whether the client wants a creative blog with a personal tone and stylized prose, or sales and brand awareness are the goals, I take pride in my ability to adopt any voice effectively. My skills, I feel, could be put to very productive use for your organization and I am really looking forward to working with someone that can keep me engaged in a long-term sense. One of my goals is to find the right long-term project and for me,the right project is one that I can feel vested in-I want to feel like what I am writing will be useful and valuable to not only an audience but to who I am working for. In other words, I would like to grow alongside an organization that needs me and that I need in return. In addition, I have been made contributing author for where much of my work can be seen. Apart from composing original articles for the site, I am also responsible for managing its associated WordPress account, a duty that entails scheduling post publication, setting up outbound links, making sure all articles are in proper SEO format, attributing pictures and handling all Yoast SEO refinement.