HI my name is Angelina Diaz I'm a hard worker I love what I do I make time for those who don't have time to do what they want and need to do. I've serviced people who needed their homes and office cleaned I also helped in moving and organizing things. Im also a animal baby sitter and pay attention close to their needs run errands I also baby sitted people kids I'm very good at it and very detailed I try to go to the extreme to make my customers happy and for them to know that I'll put 110% effort in what ever I do if I don't know how to do something I'm always willing to learn I'm very honest so I won't waste your time if I know I cant I don't like to get dissapointed or dissapointing so their won't be regrets Pay depends on what you need done Baby sitting -$15 -$20 depending on how many kids and disability Cleaning and organizing -$18 - $20 hr Running errands -$20 hr Every thing else price is depending

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Hi my name Angelica Diaz I'm a very hard worker with very good listening skills I'm also punctual and pay close attention to details and directions I'm a people person that love kids and animal's I get the job done